Assam Public Health Engineer's Association, Guwahti, Assam

Resolutions adopted in the 32nd Biennial Conference of Assam Public Health Engineers’ Association held at Guwahati on 23rd October, 2016.

1. The meeting hails the decisions of the Govt. of Assam to continue Swach Bharat Mission (Gramin) programwith the Public Health Engineering Department and not to hand it over to the P&RD Department under Govt. of Assam. The members present unanimously decided to work hard for the successful completion of the program. It is also resolved that the members of APHEA needs to self-introspect to cope up with the fast moving working environment developed in the PHE Department.

2. High-handedness of the District Administration is unanimously condemned by all the members present and it is resolved to approach the Principal Secretary to interfere into the matter. The Principal Secretary may be requested to use his good office to create a conducive atmosphere in the District level for the greater interest of the progress in SBM.

3. It is resolved to urge upon the Govt. to issue notification for active involvement of the concern Additional Chief Engineers and the Superintendent Engineers in SBM program and progress review may be taken in their presence for better coordination and understanding.

4. The members present in the meeting express concern on suffering of Water supply sector in the PHE Department due to extensive activities of SBM (Gramin) program. It is resolved to approach the Govt. to look into the matter seriously and take necessary step for expansion in the Department in the Circle level as well as in the Divisional level to take up the wide variety and the huge volume of work in Rural Water supply and Sanitation sector. The Departmental expansion is also felt necessary due to the creation of several more Districts and Civil Sub-Divisions in the Staterecently. Further, the demand for Strengthening of the PHED Secretariat is also reiterated and resolved to approach the Govt. to do the needful.

5. It is resolved to approach the Govt. to recruit Assistant Public Health Engineer at the entry level every year against the vacancy arises annually in the Department. Further, effective Induction Training Program for the freshly appointed Assistant Engineers needs to be introduced to prepare them as a responsible Public health Engineer for future.

6. The promotion of Subordinate cadre members to the post of Assistant Engineer on the basis of degree acquired through Distance mode of Education is condemned again in the meeting, since it is already declared Invalid by the AICTE and DTE, Assam. The meeting strongly demanded immediate publication of the corrected Gradation List of Assistant Engineers by bringing the names of such promoted Engineers into the bottom of the List.

7. It is resolved to consider a few unsuccessfully managed schemes also along with the successfully managed schemes by the Users Committee to be handed over to the Panchyat & Rural Development Department on Pilot Basis, so that the hurdles in running a Water supply scheme can be assessed by the P&RD Department at the very beginning.

8. It is resolved to approach the concern Authority to minimise the coordination gap between the Govt. of Assam and the District Council authorities in the Six Schedule areas for better functioning of the PHE Divisions and other offices.

9. The proposal for creation of 2 nos. of Circle offices, one Division and one Sub-Division in BTAD area is still lying pending in the WPT&BC Department, which has been submitted from our Department in the year 2013. It is resolved to pursue the matter in the appropriate level for better functioning of the PHED activities in the area.

10. The resentment on posting of IAS officer as the Secretary, PHED still prevails among the members of the Association and it is resolved to continue the Court case against the Govt. notification in this regard.

11. It is also resolved that the APHEA will sustain its effort as a constituent Association of the Federation of Engineering Service Association of Assam (FEDESAA) and will continue the fight untidily against all kind of injustice done to the members of its associated members.

12. The General Body meeting accepted the Secretarial Report of the 32nd Biennial session of the Association submitted by the General Secretary. Further, the meeting accepted the Financial Report consisting of all the monetary transaction of the biennial session of APHEA for the period 2014-16 submitted by the Treasurer.

13. The 32nd Biennial conference held at Guwahati set a distinctive example by serving drinking water from our own PWSS from Guwahati Sub Division and avoiding plastic glasses as well as package drinking water from outside. Further, it is resolved not to serve package drinking water in any meeting of APHEA in future and request our Departmental higher authorities also to use drinking water from our Schemes to serve in the official meetings.

14. It is resolved in the meeting to create a post of Assistant General Secretary for strengthening of the Association and decided to do the necessary amendment of the Constitution of the Associationfor the same.

15. Finally, it is resolved to do our best to bring APHEA closure to all the members serving in the nook and corner of Assam by Sensitizing the Zone Committee of the Association. The Zone wise representatives selected in the new Executive Committee are requested to form the Zonal Committee of APHEA in each Zone and go for an extensive drive to activate the members for strengthening our Association. It is decided to enhance the membership fees to Rs. 500.00 per year to make a healthy fund for APHEA.

General Secretary,APHEA

President, APHEA

Assam Public Health Engineer's Association, Guwahti, Assam
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